Foie Gras & Japanese Ingredients Recipe Project by Rougie

Birth of “Foie Gras & Japanese Ingredients” Recipe Map Project

Rougié gathered more than 90 unique recipes given by Japanese chefs and inspired by the brand’s products. Japanese chefs used their creativity to combine Rougié Foie Gras with a fresh Japanese ingredient, giving birth to new flavor combinations.

This project translates a long-term goal of Rougié as the brand emphasizes on working with chefs to create exceptional culinary experiences with their products and share this knowledge to support the next generation of chefs and gourmets.

Come and discover new ways to enjoy the French delicacy Foie Gras with Japanese ingredients.


3 Japanese Chefs Introduce Their Recipes to You

Let us discover the inspiration behind 3 Japanese chefs’ recipes and what it means to them.


“Foie Gras & Inagi Pear” by Chef Yusuke Odaka


“I thought about a recipe which would combine Inagi pear and Rougié Foie Gras. I knew that Foie Gras marries well with fruits but I was not sure what would happen if you put a juicy pear and Foie Gras together. As a consequence, the rich juice of Inagi pear matches perfectly with Foie Gras. I covered the surface of Foie Gras with grilled beef loin and eggplant. It released a smoked aroma. The combination of sticky texture from Foie Gras and crunchy texture from Inagi pear made a unique tartare."

Chef Yusuke Odaka from Hattori Nutrition School


“Foie Gras & Kantakun Sweet Potato” by Chef Koetsu Adachi


“The most known ingredient in my hometown is the Kantakun sweet potato. When you let it rest for one winter, the sugar concentration increases. It does not harden despite being heated or frozen. Its sticky texture and sweetness could be compared to an ice cream’s.

Once you taste it, you can not forget the honey-like sweetness, which is a perfect match for Foie Gras.

Because the theme was ‘hometown’, I combined Foie Gras and Kantakun sweet potato with common dishes in my hometown. (...)

These memories from my hometown are expressed in the form of ‘moss balls’. This dish is called ‘reminiscence’ because I created it by reflecting on the past.”

— Chef Koetsu Adachi from La La Chance Kobe


“Foie Gras & Rice from Niigata Prefecture” by Chef Yuki Matsushima


"Niigata Prefecture is one of the most important rice producers in Japan and you can also feel its versatility as an ingredient there.

Let us talk about Japanese Sake which is a representative product of Japan. You can see a lot of breweries in Niigata Prefecture. There is a regional dish called izushi which uses rice marinated in malted rice and fermented. It is a very popular dish for the New Year. Besides izushi, there is mochi too (...). For the leftover mochi, we would make them thinner, dry and cut them into several same-sized pieces. They could be eaten whenever we want in this way. (...) I wanted to express this versatility in one dish.

I have some experience in working in France and I was impressed by the different ways of processing raw ingredients without producing any waste. I sensed a huge respect from them for the raw ingredients through rice. I started to process my meat and I love the French culinary way of thinking about how to use food in a tasty way without waste. (...)

In this fast-changing world, we hope to make rice, a resourceful ingredient, more accessible to the world."

— Chef Yuki Matsushima from Restaurant 81


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Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.