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  • United Kingdom
  • Salt

Halen Môn

Halen Môn – hand-harvested, world’s finest and purest sea salt from the clean waters that surround the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. Filtered naturally through sand and mussels and rinsed in brine for sweetness, crispiness and glitter.

  • France
  • Truffles, Preserved Truffle Products and Mushrooms


Maison Plantin – a renowned French truffle producer with a rich heritage dating back to 1930. Their truffles stand as a symbol of culinary excellence, having graced for nearly a century tables of the esteemed kitchens of French chefs, earning a reputation for unparalleled quality and taste. Maison Plantin remains the gold standard in the realm of truffles from France, boasting a depth of flavour and aroma unmatched by any other.

  • France
  • Nuts and Nut Mixes

Esprit Gourmand

Founded in Marseille in 1922, Esprit Gourmand is a family-run business specialised in roasting and transforming nuts. It is the oldest nut roasting company still active in France. The company strives to offer the best quality nuts and roasting techniques to accentuate their nutritive qualities and subtle flavours.

  • Australia
  • Australian Wagyu Beef


Westholme herd is born and raised on pristine northern Australian rangelands. They craft contemporary Australian Wagyu for professional kitchens. Chefs love the fine, even marbling that creates deep, rounded flavours and delicate mouthfeel: the Westholme signature.

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Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.
Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.