As spring blooms across the culinary landscape, we are delighted to unveil a curated selection of exquisite cheeses from Mons that are currently at their peak. From the picturesque countryside of France to the alpine meadows of Switzerland, this delightful assortment of artisanal cheeses promises to captivate and inspire.

Sheep cheeses started earlier this year and are at their absolute best. Beautiful bloomy rind and melting heart of Castillon is an experience on its own. Meanwhile Abondance, France’s most powerful hard cheese, has reached the perfect maturation and its complex personality will shine on cheese platters. Have a tasty read!


Cow Cheeses


Tomme aux Fleurs  •  Switzerland, Canton De Berne
Milk: Raw cow
Smell: Herbal aromas, swiss mountains
Taste: Intense fragrance of dry herbs 
Texture: Flexible paste with no holes

A Tomme with flowers and herbs, a Swissmathier exclusive product. This cheese was created by Michael Mathier and Walter Treuthard in November 2016. It is made with the same techniques as an uncooked pressed cheese, using raw Simmental Cow’s milk.



Small Camembert with Basil or with Wild Garlic  •  France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Milk: Raw cow
Smell: Matured Brie, basil or wild garlic
Taste: Brie taste, basil or wild garlic
Texture: Melty and smooth

Exclusive recipe and home-made. These are the spring’s festive cheese. Wild garlic and basil combined with the rich animal flavours of Brie, reach a peak of taste that energizes the cheese boards during the sunny season.



Abondance  •  France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Milk: Raw cow
Smell: Animal, butter, caramel, barn-like
Taste: Peppery, intense, salty finale
Texture: Firm
Pair: Pear and walnut extra preserve 

France’s most powerful hard cheese, made on the farms in the Alps. It could be mistaken for a small Beaufort but it is radically different! Strong and complex personality without giving in the full sweetness of hard cheeses.


Goat Cheeses


Buchette de Manon  •  France, Côte-d'Azur
Milk: Raw goat
Smell: Caprine, herbal and savoury
Taste: Herbaceous, caprine, fresh milk
Texture: Greasy and dense, silky grain

Made by young farmers couple who got back an almost neglected farm, and rebuilt step by step a Rove goat livestock. The cattle driving is done daily through exceptional natural paths, which gives the cheese its very pleasant flavours.



Oisellière  •  France, Val de Loire
Milk: Raw goat
Smell: Caprine, straw, lavender honey
Taste: Slightly salty, caprine finale 
Texture: Homogenous paste, pretty thick
Pair: Fig extra preserve

A classic, with the best affinage! Made at the heart of the Touraine region, land of the goat breeding for a long time, when women were earning income from a few cheeses moulded in wicker baskets and crossed by a rye straw.



Lingot des Causses  •  France, Occitanie
Milk: Raw goat
Smell: Goat, goat milk yoghurt, straw
Taste: Sourness, salty spots, goat
Texture: Dense heart, melting cream
Pair: Fig extra preserve 

Close to the Rocamadour, but with a creamier heart! It takes us to the heart of the goat barn. A caprine treasure, with a foaming heart surrounded by a dense and jubilant layer of cream, while keeping an extraordinary freshness.


Sheep Cheeses


Castillon  •  France, Côte-d'Azur
Milk: Raw sheep
Smell: Herbaceous and slightly bestial
Taste: Hazelnut, herbaceous, bestial
Texture: Smooth paste, almost creamy

A tasty wonder for this small Crottin and a standard for small sheep milk lactic type of cheese. Subtle flavours, a great delicacy and a quality of texture that makes this Castillon a “need to be tasted right now” cheese. Made with raw milk, a few drops of rennet, no ferments.



Montvernay  •  France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Milk: Raw sheep
Smell: Animal and cellar
Taste: Warm milk with an animal note
Texture: Soft and melting
Pair: Extra ‘peche de vigne’ preserve

Created to reflect all the qualities of Mons farmers' sheep's milk. The name is inspired by the stream that runs through the commune where producers are located. This ewes’ milk Tomme seduces with its acidic aromas and clean taste.



Pérail  •  France, Occitanie
Milk: Raw sheep
Smell: Bestial, cream, sheep milk yogurt 
Taste: Smooth, cream, raw milk, lamb
Texture: Melting with a nice greasy taste
Pair: Piedmont hazelnuts 

Legend tells Perail was that famous cheese that the shepherd brought with him during his love getaway. It comes from a farm, with a little bit of late season’s milk. Close to the st Félicien, it brings sheep notes, sun and a totally balanced bestiality.

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Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.
Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.