Bringing French Truffle Expertise to Dubai's Fine Food Scene

We at WISK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Maison Plantin, a renowned French truffle producer with a rich heritage dating back to 1930. This exciting collaboration brings the finest quality French truffles directly to the doorsteps of Dubai's most discerning chefs and food enthusiasts.

Nestled in the heart of Provence, Maison Plantin has established itself as a leading name in the world of truffles. Their expertise lies in selecting the best truffles from renowned regions like Vaucluse, France, while also forging partnerships with producers in Spain and even Australia. This dedication to sourcing exceptional quality ensures that chefs in Dubai can access a range of fresh truffles from France, including the highly sought-after tuber melanosporum.




From Provençal Soil to Global Acclaim: Truffles that Captivate Culinary Legends

The story of Maison Plantin began in 1930 when Marcel Plantin laid the foundation for what would become a revered name in the world of truffles. Now, nearly a century later, their truffles stand as a symbol of culinary excellence, sought after by chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide, including in Dubai. Maison Plantin's black truffles have graced tables of the esteemed kitchens of French chefs, earning a reputation for unparalleled quality and taste.

For those acquainted with their truffles, Maison Plantin remains the gold standard in the realm of truffles from France, boasting a depth of flavour and aroma unmatched by any other. Since its inception, Maison Plantin has been a staple supplier to France's gastronomic elite, revered for its commitment to excellence.

Renowned chefs, including luminaries like Joël Robuchon, Benoît Violier, and Yannick Alleno, swear by the exceptional quality of Maison Plantin truffles. Each truffle bearing the Maison Plantin name represents a journey through the flavours of Provence, where culinary tradition meets innovation to create an unforgettable dining experience.




A Partnership Forged in Culinary Excellence

In 1986, Hervé Poron assumed leadership of Maison Plantin, ushering in a new era of international success. Today, his legacy lives on through his son, Christopher Poron, and Nicholas Rouhier, who continue to honour Maison Plantin's heritage of quality and tradition. Together, they form a dynamic duo, united by a shared vision of culinary excellence and a commitment to preserving the timeless traditions of truffle cultivation. Their partnership has not only propelled Plantin Truffles to new heights of acclaim but has also cemented its reputation as a beacon of quality and authenticity in the world of gourmet cuisine.




Innovation Meets Tradition

More than just a supplier, Maison Plantin is a passionate advocate for the art of truffles. Their commitment extends beyond sourcing to include education and appreciation. Through their Truffle Institute located in Puyméras, France, they offer unique learning experiences for individuals and professionals alike.

WISK's partnership with Maison Plantin signifies a shared commitment to providing Dubai's culinary scene with unparalleled access to the world's finest ingredients. This collaboration allows chefs to elevate their creations with the distinctive and captivating flavours of truffles, while food enthusiasts can experience the luxury and allure of these coveted delicacies.

With WISK's local expertise and Maison Plantin's unwavering dedication to quality, we want this partnership to elevate Dubai's culinary landscape by offering chefs access to the finest truffles. We hope to provide food enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the exquisite taste and aroma of fresh truffles and empower culinary creativity by inspiring chefs to explore the unique potential of truffles in their dishes.




Beyond the Black Truffle: Exploring Maison Plantin's Culinary Treasures

While renowned for their exquisite black truffles, Maison Plantin offers a range of premium culinary treasures to elevate your culinary creations. They source the finest truffles from prestigious regions worldwide, including tuber melanosporum, the coveted black truffle. The foundation of the reputation enjoyed by Maison Plantin is the French black truffle, tuber melanosporum in Latin: this famous truffle, also known as the "black diamond of cuisine" has, for a very long time, been the one most valued by the gastronomic world.

But their expertise extends beyond truffles. They also offer truffle preserves: a distinguished selection of truffle products, including juice, salsa, cream, paste, quintessence, and seasoning. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each offering embodies the essence of gourmet culinary excellence. From the rich concentration of their truffle juice to the velvety texture of their cream, Maison Plantin's range delivers unparalleled flavour and sophistication. With their versatile seasoning and quintessence capturing the essence of truffles, Maison Plantin empowers chefs to elevate dishes with ease, promising a culinary experience that is both refined and memorable.

Dried morels, which hold a special place in the culinary world, are revered for their unique combination of earthy, nutty flavour with a hint of smokiness, their elusive nature as they can only be foraged in the wild during specific seasons, and their versatility that allows them to transform ordinary dishes into gourmet experiences.




Maison Plantin caters to both discerning chefs and food enthusiasts, offering a variety of products to unleash the magic of truffles in your kitchen. We invite you to explore the world of truffles with WISK and Maison Plantin. Discover Maison Plantin’s selection of fresh truffles and discover how you can incorporate these culinary treasures into your next culinary masterpiece.



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Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.
Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.