Welcome to the captivating world of oysters, where flavours are as diverse as the oceans they come from. We're excited to introduce you to our exquisite range of oysters sourced from Ireland, France, Italy, and Japan. Each of these regions lends its unique charm and culinary tradition to these prized shellfish, offering a delightful array that captures the essence of coastal perfection.⁠

Join us on a journey through the flavours of these exceptional oysters, uncovering the distinctive tastes and textures that make each variety a culinary gem. From the crisp, briny notes of Ireland to the creamy, indulgent profiles of France, and the delicate umami of Japan, our oysters promise a voyage of taste that will elevate all dining experiences.⁠






Kelly Oysters
53.19°N, 8.94°W   —   Ireland   —   Galway Bay


Situated in a small inlet of Galway Bay, in Kilcolgan, the Kelly Oyster farm is gently tucked in-between the ancient Burren Mountains and the hills of Connemara. In this picture-perfect, protected setting, their oysters bask in waters that combine the very best of the Atlantic tide with the sweet waters of the dramatic limestone Burren, the peaty Connemara bogs and the rich fields of Athenry.

It’s a unique recipe that makes for a totally singular taste. It’s a total sensory experience – a taste that opens and unfolds as you eat a Kelly Oyster. Like the ocean, it seduces you, until you may indeed believe you hold in your mouth the very essence of the ocean.



Kelly Gigas Oysters
Taste: creamy, salty, wild grasses and crystal freshness.

The flavour is big, bold ocean – sea salt up-front, a grassy or seaweedy note in the middle and a dry palate finish.

“It’s a total sensory experience – a taste that opens and unfolds as you eat a Kelly Oyster. Like the ocean, it seduces you, until you may indeed believe you hold in your mouth the very essence of the ocean.”






Navarre Oysters
49.09°N, 1.61°W   —   France   —   Gouville-sur-Mer, Normandy


French producer Navarre specialises in cultivating different varieties of Normandy oysters.

For the fines, they are collecting their baby oysters in Charente Maritime area and then controlling the whole farming process on their oyster production site in Normandy (Gouville sur Mer).

For their Speciale Antilope 1858 oysters, specific bags are used during the growing stage in order to get a beautiful round shape and higher meat ratio inside the shell.

The La Gamen are unique oysters due to their tiny size, perfectly suited to pair with cocktails, aperitifs or tapas style.



Navarre Fine Oysters
Taste: lightly salty with a short aftertaste.

The Navarre Fine Oyster, similar to the Fine de Claire oyster, is raised in the exceptional tides of the Normandy coast. The Gulf Stream and the high tides perpetuate a unique mixing forging an oyster with character. With its fine flesh and its delicate sensation in the mouth, the Fine Navarre Oyster will surprise you with its intense and subtle iodized taste.


Navarre Special Oysters Antilope 1858
Taste: lightly salty with a strong aftertaste.

A light touch of saltiness and a strong aftertaste, which is sweet and slightly salty. The best season for Antilope 1858 is from April to November.


Navarre La Gamen Cocktail Oysters
Taste: lightly salty with a strong aftertaste.

Small oysters with surprising flavour, similar to Antilope 1858, with a touch of sugar sweetness with almost no saltiness. Best from April to October.






Amélie Oysters
45.84°N, 1.18°W   —   France   —   Marennes-Oléron Bay


Amélie is a French Maison d’Huîtres whose art is based on the know-how of the best oyster farmers. They breed and select exceptional oysters in the Marennes-Oléron - main oyster producing region in France and the only one in the world benefiting from a protected geographical indication (PGI).

Amélie Oysters, known for their delicate flavour and creamy texture, are an outstanding delicacy sought after by the best chefs and the most discerning palates.

They won multiple awards – gold and silver at Concours Général Agricole, gold Singapore Award in 2023, as well as Great Taste Awards 3-star rating and a Golden Fork, the highest distinction in this competition.



Amélie Fine de Claire Oysters
Taste: sea-like and iodine-rich.

The Fine de Claire is the most emblematic oyster of Oléron region that is firmly rooted in the hearts of the French. Smooth and subtle, it is an affordable product for occasional consumers who are seeking an iodine-rich oyster with little meat.


Amélie Spéciale de Claire Oysters
Taste: salty, toned down by a subtle sweet taste, with mineral and plant notes, and lingering mouthfeel.

Bred in oyster beds purposefully exposed to the sea currents in order to deliver a better blend high in nutritional intake, farmers select the Spéciale de Claire for its fleshiness and balanced taste. It will appeal to oyster lovers for its lingering mouthfeel, the density of its meat and its subtle sweet taste.






La Perla del Delta Oysters • Po River Delta, Italy
44.87°N, 12.41°E   —   Italy   —   Po River Delta


La Perla del Delta (Tarbouriech Italy) is the perfect combination of French savoir-faire and the uniqueness of the Scardovari lagoon, a UNESCO heritage site and a biosphere reserve.

The oysters grow in the unique habitat of the Po river delta, in a constant balance between fresh and salt waters. They are glued one by one by hand on the ropes, which are connected to a winch that raises them, effectively reproducing the effect of the Atlantic tides on the oysters. 100% ecological system is powered by photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

The result is a smooth and clean, parasite-free shell, slightly pink in colour, with a beautiful internal mother-of-pearl and abundant meat, iodized and crunchy.



La Perla del Delta Oysters
Taste: sweet and sugary, long and complex vegetal aftertaste.

A pinkish and wavy shell. A crunchy muscle and a generous flesh. A remarkable finish. An amazing sweet flavour. A precious mother-of-pearl. La Perla del Delta Oysters are meaty and tasty at the same time, balancing saltiness and softness, with a taste that’s a cross between crunchy and velvety. On the palate, it presents abundant, briny, and crispy flesh. The brininess gives way to an increasingly prevalent sweetness with a long and complex vegetal persistence.






Amabe Oysters
33.58°N, 134.3°E   —  Japan   —   Nasa Bay, Tokushima


Japanese Amabe Oysters are cultivated by Re:Blue, who are working to reform Japan’s fisheries industry through smart aquaculture oyster farming. They are one of the few companies in Japan that is engaged in the entire process of oyster farming, from the production of sterile triploid seed oysters to the cultivation and sale of mature oysters.

Amabe Oysters are cultivated in Nasa Bay in Tokushima Prefecture, a scenic area officially designated as part of the Anan–Muroto Sea Area National Park. It is one of only a few areas in Japan that formerly supplied the imperial court with fishery products – thereby earning the right to use the name “Amabe".



Japanese Amabe Oysters
Taste: refreshing in summer, full-bodied in winter.

Amabe Oysters, which are grown in the beautiful sea, are available all year round. In the summer they have a refreshing taste that even people who don’t like oysters can enjoy, and as the season progresses, the flavour becomes firmer and richer from winter to early spring. The peak production of these oysters in Honshu is from late autumn to early spring. This is the season for oysters. As the season progresses, the rich, creamy flavour typical of oysters becomes stronger.

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Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.
Founded by Vestey, family with over 125 years of experience in food industry.